The Beginning

The Toyota Chaser

The Beginning - The First Model (1977-1980)

The Toyota first started production in 1977. Production of the X30/X40 lasted till 1980. There were 3 engines that were avalible. There was a 1.8L 4 cylinder called the 3T-U , a 2.0L 4 cylinder called 18R-U , and a 2.0L 6 cylinder called M-U/M-EU. There were two transmissions, a 3/4 speed automatic and a 4 speed manual. The 1.8L made around 105 horsepower and so did the 2.0L 4 cylinder. The 2.0 6 cylinder also made around 105 horsepower but had 160 torques (in pound feet) This marked the first generations of Toyota Chasers. However they were part of the Toyota Cressida family and were labeled the Mark II at the time.

An image of a Toyota Cressida Mark II or a X30/X40.