Last Generation

The Toyota Chaser

The Last JZX, the JZX-100 (1996-2001)

The last Chaser was called the JZX-100. The production ran from 1996 to 2001. This is one of the most popular cars to drift. In Japan they are sold at around 10,000 USD and are fantastic. They are one of the most common starting drift cars in Japan. The Toyota Chaser was the sports saloon of Toyota's lineup. It was a rival to the E39 M5. The car was released with the same engines as the JZX-90 however the 1G-FE 6 cylinder returned in the 2.0 Avante AWD. This trim was only avalible with a 4 speed automatic transmission. There were also 2.5 Avante AWDs which were also offered only with automatics. Sadly enough the 3.0 2JZ-GE was also only offered with an automatic. However the 5 speed manual was still offered with the Tourer V. in 1998 the car was facelifed and a 5 speed manual was added to the base model Tourer and AWD was an option to accompany the base model Avante. The Chaser name was ended in 2001 but the chassis codes still went on. The Verossa replaced the Chaser name but carried the same JZX-110 code. The last of the Chasers was one of the best and at the time, the best looking Toyota that Toyota had in their lineup.

An image of a Toyota Chaser Tourer V or a JZX-100.