The Toyota Chaser

The Development - X50, X60, X70, X80, X90

The X50/X60 (1980-1984)

The next generation of the Toyota Chasers was the X50/X60. This car was offered with 2 engines, a 2.0L 6 cylinder called the 1G-EU. It was a single cam engine making around 120 horsepower and around 125 lb-ft of torque. The other engine was the 1G-GE which was a twin cam engine making 150 horsepower and 137 lb-ft of torque. The car was offered with a 4 speed manual or 3 speed automatic. The X50/X60 was lighter than the previous X30/X40 weight at 1055kg, which is 15kg lighter than the X30/X40 The styling was also change for the production run from 1980 to 1984. It had a more boxy and more eighties look.The car was only offered as a 4 door sedan as the last generation was also offered as a 2 door coupe. The car was also offered with a sport package called the Avante which it was equiped with Michelin tires.

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The X70 (1984-1988)

The X70 was a massive improvement from the previous X50/X60. Toyota offered a 4 speed automatic and a 5 speed manual transmission. The car was also offered with the 1G-GTE which is a 2.0L 6 cylinder like the previous 1G engines but this one was twin turbocharged. The GTE in the engine code meaning for it being twin turbocharged. The engine pushed out 210 horsepower and 206 lb-ft of torque . There was also another 2.0L which was called the 1G-GEU which only made 140 horsepower and only 137 lb-ft or torque. The car was also offered with a 2.5L 6 cylinder called the 2L and the 2L-T. The horsepower and torque was lower than what the 1G-GTE made. There was also a trim later released called the Avante Supra which was a trim level to rival the Mk.III Toyota Supra.

An image of a Toyota Chaser or a X70.

The X80 (1989-1992)

The X80 was introduced in in 1989 and built till 1992. The X80 was offered with the 1JZ-GE and the 1JZ-GTE, which was a 2.5L 6 cylinder. The 1JZ-GE being the non-turbo version and the GTE being the twin turbo version which was also used in the Toyota Supra Mk.III. The Chaser was also offered with a 7M-GE which is a 3.0L 6 cylinder making around 200 horsepower and about 190 lb-ft of torque. The non turbo 1JZ made about 180 horsepower while the 1JZ-GTE made an impressive "276" horsepower. However the rated horsepower was not the actual power output. The engine actually made over 280 horsepower and could be tuned to over 300 horsepower with stock internals. The car was offered with a 4 speed auto and a 5 speed manual. Also the 2.0L 1G engines were also offered in these cars. The non-turbo and turbo versions.

An image of a Toyota Chaser or a X80.

The X90 (1992-1996)

The X90 was the first Chaser to recieve the 2JZ-GE. The legendary 6 cylinder that was found in the 1994 Toyota Supra, however this version was not turbocharged. The 3.0L 2JZ-GE made around 220 horsepower. However the 1JZ-GTE stayed as an option still pushing out over 280 horsepower. The car was offered with the same transmissions and was 20kg heavier. A new trim entered the Chasers called the Tourer. There was the Tourer S which has the 1JZ-GE (non-turbo) and there was the Tourer V, offered with the 1JZ-GTE. The Tourer V was tailored to the sporty driving of the car. The production of this car ran from 1992 to 1996. The X90 became a very popular drift car during the early 2000s and still is today. The high power output of the 1JZ-GTE and its front engine, rear wheel drive layout made it a balanced car for drifting. However, the owner would have to change the differential due to the car having an open diff instead of a limited slip or welded diff.

An image of a Toyota Chaser or a X90.

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